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      Ski jumpers meet the locals

      The moment many ski enthusiasts have been waiting for has finally arrived. The Pine Mountain Ski Jumping Tournaments are just around the corner, and international jumpers offered a meet and greet time Thursday night.

      At the Pine Mountain Ski Resort, people had a chance to meet the ski jumpers who have come from many countries for the tournaments. The jumpers say they are looking forward to the packed weekend of festivities and competition, but are also hoping for good weather.

      Antti, from Finland, hopes for the best.

      â??I hope the weather is good and it's not too much wind,â?? says Antti.

      Krztof Kowalczyk of Poland explains the weather issue.

      â??We're hoping the wind will come from the front, not from the back,â?? explains Kowalczyk, â??meaning that we want headwind, but not too much.â??

      The meet and greet time was packed with business professionals and sponsors, as well as locals interested in chatting with the competitors.

      The tournament is set for this weekend, with some jumping practice Friday afternoon.

      Ski Jump times:

      Saturday, February 9: Trial Rounds 11 a.m., Opening Ceremony 12:30 p.m., Competition 1 p.m.

      Sunday, February 10: Trial Rounds 11 a.m., Opening Ceremony 12:30 p.m., Competition 1 p.m.

      All times are weather permitting.

      Tickets can be purchased at the tournament.