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      Ski jumping buttons on sale now

      The Pine Mountain Ski Jumping competitions are less than a month away in Iron Mountain, and the buttons everyone needs to get into the event are on sale now. The buttons can be purchased before the event or at the gate, but keep in mind that prices will increase if you buy at the event. Area banks, restaurants, and the Dickinson County Partnership are only a few of the places to buy the buttons.

      â??The limit to purchase buttons is as big as the parking lot is,â?? said Susie Fox with the Kiwanis Ski Club. â??Pre-sale ends Thursday of tournament week which is a day earlier than usual because we're having a competition on Friday; usually it's just official training.â??

      Pre-sale adult buttons are $20 each, and students, ages 11-17, are $15. Adult buttons at the gate are $25 and students are $20.

      Locations to purchase buttons:

      Range Bank

      Northern Michigan Bank

      Iron Mountain Credit Union

      Hometowne Lumber

      Bob & Jerryâ??s

      The Woodward

      Mikeâ??s on Main

      Super One Foods

      First Natâ??l. Norway

      The Drug Store

      Big 10 Sports Bar


      Maymeâ??s Bar

      Oldenberg Group


      R&S Liquor

      Champion INC

      Frog Country

      Wells Fargo

      Eureka Tire

      Dickinson County Healthcare System

      Pine Mountain

      Econo Foods

      River Valley

      Forward Financial