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      Skiers and snowboarders brave icy, cold waters

      Would anyone at home be willing to jump head first into freezing cold water?

      There were plenty of takers at the Annual Slush Cup in Wakefield this weekend. Dozens lined the fences for a front-row view of almost 30 snowboarders and skiers attempting to surf their way across icy, cold waters.

      Organizers say the water temperature was 33 degrees.

      Many made it over, barely making a splash, while others weren't so lucky. Some more daring contestants even did 360s.

      "I was thinking, what am I gonna feel after this?" said 12-year-old Nate Bujarski. "It was just really cold."

      Blake Angell, 13, described it as the "coldest sensation ever. You couldnâ??t move."

      Participants were judged on their ability to make it across or the biggest splash.