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      Skiers and snowboarders tear up downtown Marquette

      It's something skiers and snowboarders dream about...except for the ones in Marquette Saturday, it wasn't a dream.

      More than 100 young athletes got to test their skills on Washington Street in downtown Marquette. It was all thanks to the second annual Downtown Showdown.

      Organizers spent over $10,000 and more than 24-hours of straight labor to put together the street course consisting of rails and jumps.

      Sterling Wright, 13, a Marquette resident, said he was "pretty excited to do it."

      "It??s just all about having fun," the 13 year old said, adding he didn??t know how else to "explain it."

      Skiers and snowboarders had a choice to participate just for fun or for a competition.

      Cash prizes for winners ranged from $250 to $25.