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      Sleigh rides all season long

      While the phrase "sleigh ride" conjures up images and emotions of Christmastime, many people may not know that they can still embark on a charming, brisk adventure here in the U.P.

      Bjorkman's Horse Outings in Niagara offers sleigh and cutter rides throughout the entire winter season.

      â??We really enjoy having people come, and we get to meet lots of people from all over the country,â?? said owner, Dick Bjorkman. â??They come for sleigh rides and covered wagon trips in the summertime.â??

      What once was a practical means of transportation is now an experience that exemplifies the beauty of the outdoors.

      Some of the Norwegian Fjord horses that pull the sleighs have been in the family for over a decade.

      â??This one is Ivan, he's five years old,â?? explained owner, Angie Bjorkman, â??and this one is Ole, he's 16 years old.â??

      The major difference between a cutter sleigh and a regular sleigh is simply the size. The cutter sleigh can hold up to 2 people, but the regular sleigh can hold up to 14 people. Both options still only require the strength of the two horses.

      And even though Christmas is still the most popular time to ride, â??in February, we usually get a lot of Valentine's rides,â?? Angie said. â??Sweetheart rides.â??

      That means there will always be an excuse to bundle up, hop on a sleigh, and enjoy a peaceful excursion.