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      Slippery roads result in dangerous commute

      Icy conditions on Friday across the Upper Peninsula forced many schools to close their doors for the day.

      Foggy conditions and icy roads made it very difficult for motorists to travel as well. Many schools were closed including North Dickinson County School, Norway-Vulcan Schools, Breitung Township, and Iron County, among others.

      Law enforcement said it was a good safety precaution for districts to close their schools for the day.

      "Schools should've been closed, the buses have to go on a lot of the side roads, and like I said earlier, the side roads were glare ice," said Michigan State Trooper Brad Lammi. "Tell the motorists, you know, not to use cruise control on these roads like this. If they hit a patch of ice, it makes them lose control."

      Additional officers were called in to work overtime due to a higher number of accidents early on Friday morning. Police still caution residents using sidewalks as many of them are still slippery.