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      Slow hunting season in the Keweenaw

      After hunting through bow season, Jake Anderson finally came across a 145-pound 8 point buck on Friday.

      He says it's been a slow season because of the mild temperature. Anderson also says there aren't an abundance of deer in the Keweenaw.

      "People don't shoot the small ones. You shoot every small one, you're never going to see a big one. So we let them go, let them grow, and that's what people up here are trying to do up here. We do have some nice bucks in the area," said Anderson.

      He says the terrain makes it harder to find deer, but even so, that's not stopping some local women from hunting as well.

      Trish Boost shot an eight point trophy buck on opening day of rifle season. She started hunting at a young age. Over the years she has seen a growth of woman hunters.

      "I think that women have a lot more patience as far as waiting out the buck. We find it a good challenge to compete with our husbands as far as to go out hunting and to be successful," said Boost.

      So what is it that attracts more women to hunting other than competing against their husbands? For some, it's a way to bring the family together; for others it's the nature.

      Colleen Whitmire has been hunting since she was 18 years old.

      "Sitting in the stand in the peace and quiet of nature. Watching all of that and seeing the deer come in, and I just enjoy it. I look forward to it," said Whitmire.

      Hunters say the rest of the season looks to be more promising now that there's snow on the ground.ã??