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      Small-town manufacturer gets in high gear

      Small-town manufacturer John Melchiori has driven a big name for himself in the car industry. His company, Johnâ??s Industries, builds nine-inch Ford third members, rear axles and housings, quenching any car customerâ??s individual request.

      His clientele are spread across the nation, reaching as far as Australia.

      â??We deal with Heidt's Hot Rod Shop, Mosur Engineering, Street Rods by Michael, Pete N' Jakes, just all over the United States. We've sold to the Philippines and Australia, also,â?? says salesperson Lynn Costantini.

      For over 30 years, the U.P.-based company has developed products for street-rodders, drag racers, off-roaders and muscle car enthusiasts. Since starting its engines in 1978, the business has continued to thrive.

      Even throughout the recession, Johnâ??s Industries remains on the right track. As the car industry progresses, John and his staff keep up with the pace by expanding their product line.

      â??Well, as new models come out all the time, thereâ??s new challenges as far as being able to keep up with what cars will be popular,â?? says owner John Melchiori.

      Recently his team tackled a new challenge creating Jeep rear axles. After six months of developing from scratch, they successfully have all the nuts and bolts in place and are already filling orders. John says accomplishments like these are necessary to keep up with the constant growing car industry.

      â??Pretty much anybody that needs a rear end and additional muscle in the back of their car,â?? John says.

      The company produces an estimated 4,000 orders annually. John is confident that sales will remain in full throttle, and John's Industries will continue to grow in the years to come.