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      Smartphone connection with cars

      New Chevy vehicles can connect Smartphones and cars with voice activation.

      When it comes to getting behind the wheel, you may want the ability to use your Smartphone for certain functions. Well, it's possible with 'My Link' systems which Chevy has enhanced.

      "Something like that would benefit us. The technology seems like it's out there. As long as it was safe, I definitely would look into it," said Brenda Melville, Frei Chevy customer.

      Through Bluetooth connection, your Smartphone can connect with 'My Link'. The system responds to voice commands, so it's hands free.

      "Convenience and safety both. Convenience, where you can tune it quickly; you have the voice commands. The devices, they're not distracted by taking their faces off the road," said Matt Deakins, Frei Chevy Sales Consultant.

      After establishing a connection from your cell to 'My Link', with a push of a button on the wheel, you can say your command. You can change radio stations, connect to Pandora, or stream music from your cell. However, you can also make a call.

      For 2013 cars, it's built in. You can find it some of these models: Sonic, Cruze, Malibu, Equinox, and Traverse. It's typically included as package when you get a car.

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