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      Smooth sailing for schooner on Superior

      If you head to Marquette TMs Lower Harbor Park, you can't miss it. The Coaster II is a 76-year-old sailboat that's on the list of National Historic Schooners.

      Niko Economides of Marquette purchased the boat for $75,000 in 2007. Through restoration, he and his son, Thanos, started a new charter cruise business called Superior Odyssey . Most weeks they work everyday, taking passengers for a cruise along Marquette TMs lakeshore and sharing the history behind this 1933 boat.

      "She was built by Murray Peterson--he's a fairly well known naval architect and he was known for his schooners," said Niko.

      As impressive as it is to see the schooner in action, it's that history that's remarkable. From traveling around South America's Cape Horn to racing from San Francisco to Hawaii, she was even used during wartime.

      "Coaster II was used during World War II to spot subs off the coast off Long Island," Niko added.

      But today, it's smoothing sailing on the waters of Lake Superior, providing visitors with a view of Marquette and letting them help hoist the sails.

      "I like being on Lake Superior, it's my favorite lake, said passenger Emily Frey, and I think being on a sailboat is very calm and peaceful and gorgeous, and to see Marquette from the sailboat is just awesome."