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      Snow amounts fall short of expectations

      About eight inches of snow was expected to fall overnight in some places in the Keweenaw, but the actual measurements fell short of the forecast.

      Reports of just over three inches come from the Painesdale area, between five to seven inches in the Keweenaw around Mohawk, and trace amounts in the Houghton-Hancock area.

      Some Copper Country residents were bracing themselves for another round of winter fury, and many were relieved the skies showed mercy.

      â??Four to six inches is what I kept hearing, but itâ??s just been nasty rain, sleet, not really snow at all,â?? said Robert Brownell, originally from Central Lake, Michigan and currently living in Houghton.

      â??Well, I knew it wasnâ??t going to be a lot,â?? said Houghton resident, Tyler Laduron. â??I figured that since it was kind of snowing and raining, it would kind of melt.â??

      Some are still a bit unhappy with the snowfall, like South Range resident, Ellard Laho.

      â??I think it was a little bit too much, but I think this is coming to an end now,â?? he said.

      However, others are trying to be a little more optimistic.

      â??I think itâ??s an excellent extension of the ski season,â?? said Michigan Tech student, Lauren Rusin.

      â??As long as weâ??re not getting one-and-a-half-foot snow like the last week,â?? added Max Schoettlendreier, visiting Houghton from Germany.

      Itâ??s been a long, harsh winter in the Keweenaw, with snow totals around 330 inches in Houghton County, as reported by snow measurers in Painesdale, and over 350 inches recorded at Mount Bohemia.

      â??The first two months have been really hard, but then you get used to it, and you enjoy it,â?? said Schoettlendreier. â??But Iâ??m looking forward to the summer.â??

      With all our fingers crossed, this will hopefully be the last winter storm of the season, and blue skies and sunshine will be in the near future.

      â??Iâ??m hoping that this is the last snow of the season because I start work in a week and a half in the woods,â?? said Rusin. â??Still a good three-and-a-half feet of snow out there.â??

      Though, no one is counting on it.

      â??I donâ??t know, I think Houghtonâ??s got some more surprises up her sleeve waiting for us,â?? added Brownell.