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      Snow cleanup continues on M-28

      That snow closed M-28 for a couple of days, and early Thursday morning, it finally reopened.

      Alot of people have been working hard to clear the road and their homes.

      It's the calm after the storm, and the snow clean up continues. Plows have already cleaned up M-28 and the main roads, but residents are still shoveling snow.

      "The walk path was probably four-and-a-half to five feet deep completely across. So you got to figure, trying to get a snow blower in to knock down the snow took about an hour and fifteen minutes to do a 20-foot path," said Jerry Goss.

      On the sides of M-28, everything is covered with at least three feet of snow. Some trees are almost covered to the top. In Munising, Tourist Park Campground is literally snowed in. Snow buried fences and signs.

      In Au Train, some residents had piles of snow blocking their entrances.

      "We couldn't even get to our garage actually. So we had five to six foot drifts blocking our walkway to our detached garage. We didn't even bother shoveling because you would have been shoveling for nothing," said Mary Rogers.

      While the snow is off the roads, the damage it caused is still evident as some vehicles involved in accidents still await repairs. Cars stuck in snow drifts finally have been pulled out.

      "Cars that were buried up to the top of the vehicles, we had to shovel them out and peel them out. There was another wrecker company with a semi wrecker, and we pulled a little over 20 vehicles out of the ditch," said Eric Artress.

      Cleanup is far from over as plows make their way onto secondary roads.