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      Snow day fun for your little ones!

      H earing about a snow day is usually great news to the kids, but often parents are left clueless about what to do to entertain them for the entire day. So what are some ways to keep your snowed-in little ones occupied?

      Arts and crafts, reading, playing, and a whole lot of ideas from Pinterest!

      These are the things that daycare provider Carrie Harvala says keep her troop interested.

      Harvala said, "We try to do projects and activities, go outside, things to break up the day."

      Reading books is a hit among this group, and every Tuesday they take a trip to Peter White Public Library to pick out new books.

      Painting pictures and having healthy snacks are two things that all of the kids enjoy, as well. But each child is different in their own special way.

      Lyn Magnuson and Lauren Michaud-Atkins, who attend Harvala's daycare, have their own favorite things to do.

      "I like playing outside," said Magnuson.

      "I like to go to the library because my mom takes me there to pick books," said Michaud.

      And don't worry---winter activities don't escape these kids! An easy way to beat the winter snow day is taking the snow and incorporating it with some summer toys.

      Snow is cold, wet, and interesting, which peaks the interest of most children. Just jumping into snow banks and making snow angels yield plenty of good times for kids. And each child always has a favorite thing to do.

      Harvala's son, Spencer said, "I like jumping in and getting wet."

      But if you have a little one that prefers the indoors, special snacks, a dance party in the living room, and educational (but fun!) movies are good options to keep them entertained.