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      Snow day

      This storm hit a large area of the central U.P.

      For Dickinson County, it's their first major snow of the year. But below that snow was all that ice, which made for dangerous conditions.

      Over 60 U.P. schools were closed Monday due to weather, including Kingsford High School, Woodland Elementary, and the Iron Mountain schools. It's not uncommon for severe weather to close schools, however, it is rare to have such mild weather up to this point.

      Rod Curran has been plowing roads for over 40 years and this winter has been odd.

      â??It's strange weather,â?? said Rod Curran. â??We usually get our snow in December and a little bit in January again as it warms up a little bit more like freezing rain. But this year we've had nothing in December and almost took to the end of January before we got our first significant snowfall.â??

      Sunday night could have been a big problem for the road commission. If it had been any colder Monday, the ice really would have been tough to deal with. Luckily for the road commission, it was above ten degrees which really is the magic number because when you get down below ten degrees, the salt that you put down on the ice really doesn't have that much of an effect.

      While those plowing snow haven't seen much work this winter as in years past, some find the lack of snow delightful.

      â??It's been a wonderful winter,â?? said Dan Straka. â??It's been one of the best in a long time.â??

      Straka says he loves the warmer temperatures, saying it makes being outside shoveling, bearable.

      â??It just gave me something to do this morning,â?? Straka says. â??I don't mind shoveling; I snowblowed first, now I'm just doing the easy part now.â??

      There wasn't a lot of snow in Iron Mountain, about three inches, but it did make a mess and gave kids an extended weekend.