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      Snow doubt about it, winter is still here

      The snow keeps falling and the piles keep growing, a familiar scene again Thursday. Some residents are still shoveling out from our last big storm and Mother Nature keeps it coming. Wednesday night more than four inches fell in Negaunee, with drifting due to strong winds. The snow continued Thursday. Some folks feel winter has worn out its welcome.

      "I have to keep digging stuff out; every time a vehicle gets stuck in this yard, I'm out here digging it out. I'm sick of moving it around; too much, too heavy," said Negaunee resident Kevin Kilpela. "It cools off, heats up so much around here. The snow melts and turns to ice, definitely looking forward to spring."

      The steady wet snowfall has also made road conditions slushy in spots. Thursday's snow also came with a fair amount of wind, leading to some pretty big snow drifts. Marquette county was the hardest hit.