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      Snow spotters needed

      Even though we had a taste of snow this week, in just a few months, old man winter will be creating tricky travel situations and life threatening weather conditions on a daily basis.

      To ensure that local weather coverage is up to snuff, the National Weather Service is asking for your help.

      They are seeking winter storm spotters, and the NWS will be hosting four 90-minute winter weather talks across the northern and western U.P. in the next few weeks.

      They'll be training people how to properly measure snow and how to relay that information to them. Plus, they'll give a crash course on U.P. winter weather.

      "We will touch on a few other general winter weather-related topics, like how lake effect snow forms and a little bit about the winter weather climatology and how some of our winters may or may not have changed over the last 20 to 30 years," said Matt Zika of the National Weather Service.

      For information on the winter weather talks and how to become a snow spotter, click here.