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      Snow statue tradition continues at Tech

      For nearly 75 years, snow statues have taken over the Michigan Tech Campus during Winter Carnival weekend.

      This year, it's all about games, from Pretty Pretty Princess to Wheel of Fortune to Hungry Hungry Hippos. While there is a lot of freedom in building the statues, students do have to follow two major rules.

      "They can't start construction any earlier than we tell them and they have to end at eight. Those are the big ones. The theme of their statue has to match the theme of the whole Winter Carnival which this year is "Games We Know, Captured in Snow," explained Erin Olsen, the Chair of the Statue Committee.

      And as the various student organizations spend hours working on their statues, they're faced with challenges.

      "The hardest part about statues is dealing with the elements. Just being outside for a long time. It's pretty windy out there and just the wind chill really starts getting to you and you're covered in water from the hoses and spraying the stuff down," described Cadet Alexander Phillips of the ROTC.

      Teamwork is another challenge as it can be hard to have a lot of people working on one project. For the ROTC, everyone is required to spend at least three hours a week on the statue, and everyone has a certain assignment.

      "Personally, I'm in charge of making sure everybody gets there on time and I go out there every single week and help out. Carve the car a little bit," said Cadet Katie Hill of the ROTC.

      Groups have been working on their statues since January 7, but the hard work will be put to the test tomorrow (Thursday) when judging begins at 9 a.m.