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      Snow welcomed at Mont Ripley

      As the New Year was rung in, people in the Copper Country were enjoying the day by spending it at the slopes.

      Mont Ripley in Hancock is always a popular spot for skiers and snowboarders. Because of the lack of snow, Mont Ripley has an advantage with their snow guns. Tuesday, however, the area had flurries all day. Skiers say there were good conditions with a lot of powdery snow, which is good for skiing. Although business at Ripley was unusually slow, the younger crowd seemed to be enjoying the slopes the most.

      "I like skiing because it's fun and you get cold and then you come in the chalet and get warm and go back out again," said young skier, Dayna Johnson.

      Mont Ripley is open from 3 to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, through March 8.