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      Snowfall brings tourists to Alger County

      It may have been a slow start to winter in Upper Michigan, but we are making up for it now. Recent snowfall is bringing more tourists to Alger county.

      Larry Baur is the owner of Terrace Motel in Munising. He's had a slow winter season until now. With the recent snowfall, his bookings have doubled.

      "Particularly in snowmobile business. The weekends have been very full. There has been traffic with people enjoying the conditions during the week, but particularly on the weekends," said Baur.

      Alger county officials say there have been at least 16 inches of snowfall within the last couple of days.

      Kathy Reynolds with the Chamber of Commerce says the recent snow brings more people to the area for winter fun.

      "Hotels, motels, resorts are just full of snowmobilers, cross-country skiers and snowshoers. So it's great," said Reynolds.

      Reynolds says it all helps local businesses. She says they will see thousands of dollars funneled back into the local economy.

      "People coming up this weekend are people coming up to enjoy the Michigan Ice Fest. Not quite as much as snowmobilers this weekend because of that specialized event. However, the conditions have definitely turned around. It's turned my business around as well," Baur said.

      Officials are confident business will keep increasing during the rest of the season.