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      Snowmobile safety stressed in Upper Michigan

      Snowmobiles are everywhere in the Upper Peninsula, but you might want to stop and think about your safety before you hit the trails. "Last year we had a major crash where a guy got run over by about three or four snow sleds because of snow dust," said Michael Jago, Luce County Sheriff Deputy. Avoiding accidents should be a major concern as a snowmobiler. Weather changes at the drop of a hat, especially here in the U.P., which means that you should be aware of your surroundings and adjust to them accordingly. Speed plays a big role in many accidents, so reducing your speed could save a life. "There are no speed limits, but there is such a thing as unreasonable speed," Jago said. The Luce County Sheriff's Department noted that there are many snowmobilers not stopping at stop signs, which can also cause accidents. Keeping warm is just as important as avoiding accidents. Not wearing the proper clothing can turn a fun day in to a not so fun day and could also stop you from renting a snowmobile. "People come in, they aren't dressed properly, and we've turned people down as far as you have to be dressed. Tennis shoes don't make it," said Mike Soder, co-owner of the Fish and Hunt Shop in Curtis. Aside from avoiding accidents and staying warm, make sure that registrations and trail permits are up to date; a large number of infractions occur because they aren't current. Be safe, stay warm, and then go have fun.