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      Snowmobiling strengthened sibling bond

      The Petosky siblings say days of sibling rivalry have grown scarce since they began snocross racing.

      The youngest child, CJ, first entered snowcross at three years old, and eventually his two older sisters followed in his footsteps. Now, they all race nationally, and the two sisters compete professionally.

      "It's pretty cool that I started it and now we're at a big level," said CJ.

      "We've always been a close family, but not as close as racing snowcross and motorcross," said Courtney, 18.

      "We haven't been able to bond as well as we have when we started racing snowcross," added her younger sister, Hailee, 15.

      The Petosky sisters compete in the same circuits but say it doesnâ??t hinder their bond despite all their sibling smack talk.

      "It doesn't matter if you get last place, first place, we still love each other," Hailee said.

      The kids add it's all thanks to their parents

      "Wherever the race is that weekend, they're going to get us there," Courtney insisted.

      Their dad, Kris, said the family "bought a brand new truck" in December and it currently has "9,000 miles."

      The family declares the time and money spent traveling is well worth the reward of good quality time with their loved ones.