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      Snowstorm hammers the Upper Peninsula

      The Copper Country is currently under a blizzard warning, but this storm is impacting a lot of Upper Michigan as well.

      Over 50 school districts and schools closed on Tuesday, along with Northern Michigan University and Michigan Tech shutting down in the afternoon.

      Throughout the day in the Keweenaw, blowing winds and drifting snow covered highways. Wind gusts of up to 40 miles an hour caused dangerous white-out driving conditions.

      Schools cancelled classes and businesses closed, however, there were still many people on the roads.

      Early in the day there were reports that the Houghton and Keweenaw County Road Commissions were removing their plows from the roads, however, that report was false. Plow trucks were out in full force all day.

      The road commissions and the police are asking people to stay off the roads and stay at home until the storm passes.

      "We do have a lot of traffic out there right now, which is making it very hazardous for other drivers," said Lt. Nick Roberts of the Houghton Police Department. "We understand if you have to go, you don't have a choice, but don't go out. We realize we live in the winter wonderland we call Houghton, and we're tough up here, but we still have to be safe."

      The snow is expected to continue throughout Tuesday night.