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      So cute I can BEAR-ly stand it

      Oswald's Bear Ranch in Newberry is open for the summer.

      The ranch is currently home to 27 bears. Three of them are cubs that you can feed and take pictures with. The cubs, Ella, Kendra, and Cindy are less than five months old and very playful. Hundreds of cars passed through this weekend, including many regulars and first-timers.

      "You can just see their paws and how big they are and just thinking about how big they're going to be when you look at the other animals in the cages...It was really fun," said Christina Billias from Columbus, Ohio. This was her first visit.

      "A lot of people have left here with a lot of smiles on their faces. I'm not only talking young kids, I'm talking older people, too," said owner, Dean Oswald.

      Tourists visit the ranch from all over the world. Oswald says he's seen visitors this weekend from France, Germany, and the Netherlands. This summer, visitors can touch and take pictures with the bears since the "Bear Bill" has been passed. In the summer of 2012, it was declared illegal.