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      Social movement designed to "wake up" public

      It started this past November in Canada, when a few concerned citizens wanted to make the public more aware of their surroundings.

      The indigenous and environmental movement "Idle No More" is growing worldwide, and our neighbors are joining in.

      Supporters march and rally to show their concern for our environment and the effects different governmental rules and regulations, and people, have on the land.

      This social movement is designed to "wake up" the public.

      Dr. Martin Reinhardt, a supporter of the cause, said that everyone should be aware of their actions and the effects those actions may have on the environment.

      "It's not just a native thing. This is not Us versus Them, this is Us versus Us. It's about the relationship between humans and our Mother Earth," said Dr. Reinhardt.

      Dr. Reinhardt said if we don't show respect for ourselves and Mother Earth, nothing will last.

      For more information about how to get involved, click here.