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      Social Security tax will still be upped

      Congress may have averted a fiscal cliff, but not all Americans are celebrating.

      The tax deal will protect middle class Americans from an income tax increase, but legislators didn't stop the social security payroll tax cut from expiring. This will cause 2013 payroll taxes to increase for all Americans. Michigan State Representative Ed McBroom says he, like many American', is questioning where this extra money is going.

      "Nobody likes paying taxes, but we understand we get something for them, but what are we getting? The money just seems to go, and we don't see reductions in debt, and that's the biggest thing that frustrates me is we don't do anything to show we're taking this money and we're using it this way," said McBroom.

      The Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan Washington research group, estimates that households earning between 40 and 50 thousand will face an average increase close to $600. Those making between 50 and 75 thousand will face a tax increase of approximately $800.