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      Sock drive success

      A recent sock collection drive, led by the Marquette Alternative High School, was an overwhelming success.

      Nearly every school district in Marquette County joined in, and they collected over 2,900 pairs of socks, well over their original â??Rock the Socksâ?? goal of 200.

      Tuesday, the students delivered socks to St. Vincent DePaul Society in Marquette and the Janzen House. Socks will also be given to Marquette elementary schools, the Giving Closet, Room at the Inn, The Womenâ??s Center, and Goodwill.

      During the drive, they also collected slippers, baby clothes, hats, scarves, mittens, and $317. That money was given to St. Vincent DePaul on Tuesday by the students.

      "It feels awesome,â?? said MAHS senior Anthony Harry. â??It really shows our community we're trying to do something out there, show we do care about each other. We gotta help each other out through the harsh times in the year."

      During an NMU Hockey game on Saturday, March 2, there will be a sock toss between periods. Fans are encouraged to bring pairs of new socks to throw onto the ice.

      The schools that participated include: MAHS, Marquette Senior High, Bothwell Middle School, Superior Hills Elementary School, Sandy Knoll Elementary School, NICE Community Schools, North Star Academy, Ishpeming High School, Negaunee High School, and Northern Michigan University. Hot Plate, the Marquette Rotary Morning Club, and the Ojibwa Casino also donated.