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      Softball in the Dome to help Special Olympics

      For more than 25 years, the Softball in the Dome tournament has supported the Special Olympics Area 36, Marquette County to Keweenaw Counties.

      This year the tournament honors Mick Campbell who worked with the Special Olympics, raising funds, running the tournament, and teaching the players.

      "He was devoted to Special Olympic athletes and would be here today to tell you that was his true love, and being able to provide a venue for Special Olympic athletes to come and enjoy social situations by watching softball," said Merrilee Keller, Director of Tournament.

      Campbell worked in the mental health and developmental disabilities field throughout his life. He was also a semi-pro baseball player.

      "He was just a great, great person to have on board for anything. He's very missed, and even the athletes still say, 'Well, remember when Mick was here and did this with us?' So, they miss him also," said Marie Martin, Director of Special Olympics Area 36.

      The tournament has become so well known, teams from across Michigan and Wisconsin come to participate. So far, eighteen teams have signed up, but officials are hoping to have twenty-four teams play.

      It's about $600 per team to play, and all the money goes to fund events for the Special Olympics Area 36.

      "Whether we have to have registration to go to different places to compete or it goes towards renting vans for transportation, if we need uniforms, if we need equipment," Martin said.

      They hope to raise at least $3,000. It's happening from February 6-9.