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      Solid food for baby too soon?

      Itâ??s the question that's never really had a solid answer. When should you start giving your baby solid food?

      A new study in the journal, Pediatrics, shows that many mothers may be introducing solid foods at much too early an age.

      Sarah Micheau is the mother of Giuliana, a near five-month old infant, not yet on solid food.

      "We did do a lot of research,â?? says Sarah. â??We also spoke with our doctor and she recommended that we wait until Giuliana is six months old.â??

      Also, a survey conducted by the CDC showed 40 percent of mothers introducing solid food at 4 months old and 9 percent as early as 4 weeks old.

      â??From the research that I saw, if you introduce them too soon, it can lead to obesity and some allergies as they grow up,â?? Sarah says.

      The study claimed that some mothers may not be aware of the recommendations or may simply think that because their infant seemed hungry, they should start the solids.

      Pediatricians say that six months old is the appropriate age to introduce solid foods and to be aware of signs that the child is ready to start, such as sitting up and making chewing motions with their mouths.

      â??She is more interested when we're eating; she does follow us a bit more,â?? Sarah explains. â??She kind of moves forward a little bit when the bottle's coming towards her, and I think those are signs that she's getting ready for a spoon and for real food.â??

      With one in every three mothers incorrectly feeding their child, it's very important to keep in mind the right feeding recommendations.