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      "Some Tim Foolery" at the Ore Dock

      Tim Goldsworthy has only been home brewing beer for about eight months.

      But that didn't stop him from winning the home brew contest among the Marquette Home Brewer's Club in April with his 'Some Tim Foolery IPA!'

      "Well, it means I'm doing something right, at the very least. I like sharing it with my family and friends and I'll just keep going along and learning as I go," said Goldsworthy.

      Goldsworthy's home brewed IPA won out of 24 other beers, judged by four beer-loving community members, including Nick Van Court from the Ore Dock Brewing Company.

      Along with bragging rights among club members, Van Court and the Marquette Home Brewer's Club decided that the winning beer recipe would be brewed and sold this summer at the Ore Dock.

      Since Goldsworthy's recipe won, the Ore Dock was in the process of brewing his beer today, to be put on tap and sold starting July 29th.

      SU: Tim's beer is going to brew in this brewery the entire day! It takes that long just to make a good batch.

      "Tim sent me his recipe and we scaled it up for our brewery and we did what we had to do to make it work here, and basically we're replicating his home brew on a larger scale," said Van Court.

      And a good batch for the Ore Dock is 330 gallons of delicious beer.

      Van Court says that much beer will last between three to four weeks on tap.

      "Well when you try it, it has this little grapefruit after note at the back of the throat. It has a nice hoppy aroma, amber color. It's very good," said Goldsworthy.

      This is also the first collaboration between a Marquette brewery and home brewers, which both hope to continue.

      "The home brewers club clearly also has an attitude for supporting community. And that's the basis of what they're doing. And that's the basis of what we're doing, and I really can't say no to people that are enthusiastic about what we do here and what people all over the country and the world are doing, which is making great craft beer," said Van Court.