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      Something cool to celebrate

      July is National Ice Cream Month, and with warmer temps on the way, this is the perfect time to keep cool with your favorite flavor.

      Back in 1984, President Reagan declared July as the month to celebrate ice cream.

      At the Lower Harbor Ice Cream Store in Marquette, customers were taking a break from their summer activities to enjoy a cool treat. The shop features eight flavors of Jilbert's ice cream.

      "People love to get out and get something cool, so ice cream is very popular," said Michele Butler, the owner of the Lower Harbor Ice Cream Store. "Jilbert's ice cream is well known in our area, and the hand packed is something that people really enjoy--sundaes, root beer floats, turtles, all the favorite ones."

      In the U.S., the ice cream industry generates about $10 billion annually, which is good news for local dairy farmers. With ice cream shops like Frosty Treats, Jilberts, and the one at Lower Harbor Park, there are plenty of places you can go to celebrate ice cream month.