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      Soundin' Yooper, eh?

      The Iron Industry Museum gave visitors a chance to learn what it means to sound Yooper.

      It was part of the Tuesday lecture series at the museum. Dr. Kathryn Remlinger is a professor from Grand Valley State University who has focused her studies on the Yooper dialect.

      She says that a number of things have influenced what she calls U.P. English.

      "I think people can take away a couple of things: one, that there's no uniform way of speaking in the Upper Peninsula...there's a lot of variation. The other thing is this idea of Yooper and sounding Yooper are both relatively new. The term just emerged in the late 1970s, early 1980s," said Remlinger.

      During her lecture, she spoke about the Finnish immigrants' influence in U.P. speech.

      She also focused on how the media and tourism have turned the Yooper dialect into a commodity to be bought and sold.