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      Soup-a-Bowl a success

      Finlandia University had its first-ever Soup-a-Bowl fundraiser for the ceramics department, and the event was a success. It was organized by one of the ceramics teachers to raise funds for a new piece of equipment for the students.

      "It is going towards the purchase of the materials to build a particular kind of kiln," says Phyllis Fredendall, an art and design professor at the university. "A way to fire ceramics, it??s called a soda kiln."

      Over 250 bowls were made and sold for $10 which guests then used to eat soup.

      Every bowl was purchased and another 50 orders were taken after they ran out.

      Thanks to one donor willing to match what??s raised, the ceramics department collected over $6,000.

      The kiln costs approximately $10,000 to $20,000.

      Students may have another event on Mother??s Day to raise more money.