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      South Range cemetery gets new flags for veterans

      Jim Pintar and other members from the South Range VFW Post 6165 are installing six flag poles in the veterans' section of the Mountain View Cemetery.

      Pintar said by next May, they will have a total of 26 new poles set up to honor those who served our country.

      â??This is hallowed ground,â?? said Pintar. â??Our veterans have been buried here, and some of them gave their lives in defense of our country. The VFW felt this was the best thing we can do to honor them.â??

      The poles are being funded through donations, and so far 19 poles have been paid for. Pintar said the South Range VFW funded four poles which will be dedicated to four Silver Star recipients in the area: three who served in World War II and one in Korea.

      â??We decided to ask the residents of Adams Township to help us with the project because the poles cost $400 a piece,â?? he explained. â??So, we asked for donations. If you gave a donation of $400, you could dedicate a pole to someone in your family.â??

      There have always been flag poles in this cemetery, but they used to be made out of an aluminum metal material. Because of the topography of the area, they really couldnâ??t withstand the wind and would fall over. The new poles are made out of fiberglass and are made to withstand the wind.

      A formal dedication of the poles will take place next Memorial Day, 2014.

      Pintar said he hopes to keep the area of the cemetery a beautiful place where families and friends of those who served can remember their loved ones.

      â??Itâ??s the old saying, â??Some gave all, all gave some,â??â?? he said. â??Freedom is not free. People here should really respect what these veterans did to keep our country the way it is.â??