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      Spaghetti dinner going to the dogs

      The Marquette City Police are welcoming two new K-9s to their team, and they're asking for your help when it comes to funding. They are hosting a spaghetti dinner Monday, May 7, from 4 until 7 p.m. at Vango's Restaurant in Marquette. All proceeds will go toward training the two new police pups, Frodo and Kai. It will cost the police department over $20,000 to purchase and train both dogs.

      "K-9s have been around for years," said Marquette City Police Captain, Blake Rieboldt. "They've been a proven tool in helping to deter drug activity and also combat drug activity in our communities. We feel, based on the need and use from our past K-9, that we felt it was an opportunity here to fund a second one."

      Due to health problems, Nero, the old police dog, is now retired. The spaghetti dinner at Vango's Monday is $7 a person.