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      Sparkplug Awards recognize standout community members

      The annual Sparkplug Awards were held Thursday evening in the Keweenaw to recognize companies and community members who are striving to make a difference in the Copper Country.

      The event was put on by the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce, Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance, the Keweenaw Young Professionals, and the MTEC SmartZone.

      Sixty members of the community were nominated, but only eight won awards. Awards were given for growth, quality, innovation, teamwork, transformation, community development, person or project of the year, young professional of the year.

      Chamber members say the event is put on annually to recognize the people who work hard with no expectation to be recognized.

      â??We do this not only for the people themselves who deserve the awards, but it encourages other people, too, to strive to do better within the business community,â?? said Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce President, Glen Tolksdorf.

      The winners:

      Growth- MTEC SmartZone Smart Start

      Quality- Calumet Electronics

      Innovation- GS Engineering

      Teamwork- Pettibone

      Transformation- Portage Health

      Community Development- John Haeussler (City of Hancock)

      Project of the Year- FinnFest USA 2013

      Young Professional of the Year- Jessie Brassard

      Exhaust Awards:

      Phil Musser, KEDA

      Bonnie Holland, Director of the Jutila Center

      Dennis Harbour, Superintendent of the CCISD

      Scott MacInnes, Houghton City Manager