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      Special gowns for little angels

      Tiny dresses, much like miniature christening gowns, litter Dottie Quayle's kitchen table.

      Dottie's busy sewing away at her machine, making sure to get every little stitch just right, so the satin fabric doesn't fray.

      "I get excited with the tiny ones, you know, and it's like, 'oh my God isn't that cute?' And then you kind of really think about why you're making them. You know, it kind of breaks your heart. But in the same breath it makes you feel good."

      Her daughter-in-law, Catherine, is busy elsewhere; Scouring thrift stores to find that perfect wedding gown.

      Catherine created Northern Angel Gowns only a week ago, after viewing a story about a group making gowns out of old wedding dresses for infants who pass away.

      "I read that story, and it was such a beautiful project, so loving and compassionate, I wanted to bring a little love to our community."

      She says she was immediately affected by this, and decided parents in the U.P. deserved this as well.

      "When they're going through that tragedy, the last thing they're thinking about is, what are they going to dress they're baby in? So this is just one small thing that we can kind of take off their plate so they can focus on what's more important."

      The ladies are putting together packages for parents who suffer the loss of their infant, with a gown, a keepsake ornament, and a poem.

      They plan to give the packages to Marquette General Hospital and Bell Hospital to distribute to the families.

      "It's peaceful in a way, and yet, it's sad. But at least you're giving, you feel like you're giving something to them, that they need. You know, because they haven't, I mean they haven't got anything at the hospital, they were just born. So they have nothing."

      The ladies are hoping for donations to help expand this project, as all of the expenses so far have come out of their own pockets.

      They are looking for a dry cleaner to clean the gowns, anyone who knows how to sew to help sew the tiny gowns, and monetary donations so they will be able to include a keepsake ornament in the packages.

      They have a donation account set up at the U.P. Catholic Credit Union, under the name Northern Angel Gowns.

      Click here for their Facebook page.

      Or, contact Catherine directly at