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      Special mass planned as farewell to Archbishop Sample

      The Marquette Catholic Diocese it getting ready to say goodbye to Archbishop Alexander Sample, and they're doing so with a special mass.

      Archbishop Sample has been appointed to Portland, Oregon. This Sunday at 3 p.m., the diocese will hold a public farewell at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette.

      Archbishop Sample was ordained a priest in Marquette back in 1990 and has served as Bishop for the past seven years.

      "Archbishop Sample is a very faith-filled man. I think he has brought his faith to the fore, governing the diocese. He's very much a people person, meeting with people and celebrating the mass with them," said Loreene Zeno Koskey of the Diocese of Marquette. "The people love him."

      The mass is open to the public, and afterwards there will be a reception. Archbishop Sample will begin his role as Portland's Archbishop in early April.