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      Special meeting for the Harbor Advisory Committee

      The Harbor Advisory Committee for the city of Marquette met for a special meeting Tuesday.

      Updating the city's Harbor Master Plan was the sole topic for the meeting. The plan was devised in 2003 and is in need of revisions due to current waterfront projects.

      The committee talked about possible additions to the plan as well. Everything from the marinas, to the upper and lower harbors, and all of Marquette's waterfront was discussed.

      "I think what we were most importantly trying to do tonight was making additions to that plan, as there've been projects that have been developing and moving forward with, such as the Presque Isle Marina project, so what we were really wanting to accomplish was the progress that we're making with those different projects," said Bob Frazee, Chair of the Harbor Advisory Committee.

      The committee will discuss the remaining matters not covered in Tuesday's meeting in future general meetings.

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