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      Spend some time wih your Valentine

      Many men will be contemplating what to get their special lady this Valentine's Day. But those women may also be wondering what to get for their guy.

      There are unique gifts, traditional ones, and even options for the single ladies who do have other special men, like children, to celebrate with.

      "What is your current love situation if I may ask?"

      â??I am very, very single," laughed Maria Maniaci in response to my question.

      Still, sheâ??ll have a lot of motherly love to give to her son this Valentine's Day.

      â??For my son, Iâ??m actually going to see about getting him some Viau's brats because I know that'll be something he'll love and be able to do on the cook stove up there at camp," Maniaci said.

      Keeping a man full is one easy way to make him happy. The owner of Crispigna's Restaurant in Escanaba said they'll be serving a special tenderloin meal that night.

      â??I know I would like that. So any guy would love that--a big steak for dinner," explained owner, Andy Crispigna.

      Men also say they'd love for their sweetie to get them sweets. Valentine's Day is the third biggest holiday for Sayklly's, right after Christmas and Easter. Their chocolate roses are sure to send all the right signals.

      The owner shared a word of wisdom he's seen from experience.

      â??The men will start shopping probably on Wednesday night or Thursday,â?? said owner, Jim Kirby. â??If they shop after that, they're in trouble."

      If your guy enjoys a good laugh, consider sending a serenade his way, courtesy of the Next Generation Quartet. The cost is $35, and you can call (906) 786-4798 to book the crooners.

      Ultimately though, the perfect gift is one that's shared with others.

      â??Well, my wife and I have plans to go visit our children,â?? said Don Victorson. â??That's basically what it's all about--your grandchildren and your family."

      What men say they want for Valentine's Day isn't just chocolate or a great meal, but sweetness, and time to spend with their loved ones, family, and friends.