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      Sportsplex adds to facility

      The U.P. Sportsplex in Marquette is adding on to their current facility to include more family friendly activities.

      The Sportsplex had added huge bouncy houses, slides and obstacle courses, and more additions are coming. They're also putting in 9 holes of putt-putt golf, an arcade and a pizza kitchen. Staff says the public has shown an interest in this kind of entertainment.

      The community demonstrated by booking 12 parties a weekend, every weekend from Christmas until May 1," says Sportsplex General Manager Doug Smith. "They're looking for more of it so we're responding by making additions to the Sportsplex to support what the community has shown us."

      Smith added they will continue the indoor roller rink, golf driving range and flag football programs. They're looking to have the additions up and running around Christmas time this year.