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      Spreading adoption awareness in November

      It's an effortless mother-son connection that many would consider the picture of fate.

      Amy Poirier adopted her seven-year-old son, Maikel, from Guatemala, as an infant, but nothing worth having comes easy. Her first Guatemalan adoption referral passed away before she could even take him home.

      "He had a lot of respiratory problems, and he was in the hospital many times," said Poirier. "But as soon as I got his picture, he was mine."

      Then another face stole her heart: Maikel's.

      "The second I saw him in the orphanage, he knew I was his mom right then and there," Poirier said.

      Poirier opened up to our cameras to raise awareness about adoption. November is National Adoption Month.

      "We just want people out there to be aware that, number one, there are kids who need families, and number two, there are all different types of options for families who would like to adopt," said Kerry Wiese with Lutheran Social Services.

      There are over 20,000 children in Michigan's foster care system alone, and most of them will become adoption eligible. The need is constant locally and worldwide. Laura Linna adopted her five-year-old son, Harrison, from the same Guatemalan orphanage as Maikel. Today, the two "Yooper" boys are best buds.

      "It's changed our lives in a beautiful way forever," she said. "He's constant laughter!"

      If you think you have enough room in your heart and your home to adopt a child, there are plenty of options from international to domestic to even adopting right out of your local foster care system. To explore your options, contact one of your local adoption agencies today.