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      Spring cleaning in the city

      It's spring clean up time for Marquette.

      A large group of volunteers took to the streets Saturday with garbage bags. The Marquette Beautification Committee has lead the clean-up for more than 30 years. They work with dozens of other groups and organizations to clean different parts of the city once the snow melts. The beautification committee focused on their Adopt-a-Highway spot along Front Street. They find all kinds of garbage, but cigarette butts more than anything.

      "We do pick up a lot of cigarette butts, and that comes from people smoking and throwing them out the window of their cars, so we ask that people don't do that. There are ash trays in cars so put them out and then empty your ash tray in a trash can," said Simone Vajda, a volunteer with the Marquette Beautification Committee.

      The Marquette Beautification Committee encourages other groups to get involved if they see a dirty area in Marquette. They can find free garbage bags at Heritage Motors through May 6.