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      Spring flooding in Garden

      Garden Michigan is flooding once again. With the majority of the village located in a valley, the melting snow creates quite a problem every spring.

      Town members David and Brenda Lester have seen their fair share of water this year. Thursday, they were pumping water out of their cellar and garage in hopes of minimizing the water damage.

      This is not the first spring villagers have had this problem.

      â??Right from the day this village was put in,â?? said village president Connie Wilson. â??Itâ??s in the bottom of a hill. Itâ??s always been a problem. This is nothing unusual.â??

      To rectify this, the village is putting in a culvert to direct the water towards the lake and away from the residents. It may take a while for the construction to be completed.

      The ledge rock that must be broken through to dig the culvert requires heavy machinery.

      â??Until the [spring] weight limits come off we canâ??t bring the machine in,â?? said village board member Bruce Tatrow.

      Once completed, the board members expect the culvert to minimize the flooding by about 80%.

      A small section of the culvert located under the main road was fixed using county funds; but, the culvert running through the village is being paid for entirely by the villageâ??s road fund.

      â??We have received absolutely no funding for this project at all,â?? Wilson said. â??This village is very small, does not have a lot of money and it is going to be a hardship.â??

      Although it will be tight, Wilson does not foresee an increase in taxes.

      The Lestner family hopes the board members will continue to work to find a solution, if this new culvert doesnâ??t work.