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      Spring has not sprung yet

      The groundhog wasn't lying when he predicted six more weeks of winter. We've dealt with frigid temperatures into the month March and are still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

      "The overall pattern has still stayed in the trend where the eastern part of the U.S. is colder and the western part of the U.S. is warmer. It looks like it's still continuing on for at least several weeks.," said Todd Kluber of the National Weather Service.

      With that in mind, that doesn't mean that we won't see stretches of warm weather. The best example of that is when temperatures soared into the 50's earlier this week and dropped back down after a day, although a few years have yielded quick transitions into spring.

      "We've had some cold winters, for instance the winter of 76-77, that evolved into one of the warmer springs we've ever had. It all of a sudden flipped," said TV Chief Meteorologist Karl Bohnak.

      One reason this winter has been so unique is because much of Lake Superior has frozen over. This could have a small impact heading forward.

      "We do see that when we come out of a cold winter, there tends to be a slight trend towards a colder spring. There's not a lot of correlation, but there is some especially along those coastal locations along Lake Superior," said Kluber.

      Once you start to get away from the lake, it is unlikely that the ice will impact temperatures.

      The key is to be patient, spring will get here eventually.