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      Spring in the air? Don't bank on it.

      Spring has sprungâ?| or has it?

      A drive around the Copper Country, or anywhere in the U.P. for that matter, would suggest otherwise.

      Snow banks towering on the roadsides seem to be growing higher everydayâ?| and are making driving more hazardous.

      â??The village, the way they plow, you basically need a truck to drive in,â?? explained Calumet resident, Craig Kimmer. â??You donâ??t have a choice.â??

      Seeing snow banks this high isnâ??t anything unusual to the people here, but whatâ??s frustrating to people is theyâ??re so high that drivers can hardly see around the stop signs to see traffic coming in the other direction.

      â??What are you going to do?â?? asked Laurium resident, Jordan Gervais. â??Thereâ??s just so much snow and so many roads, and we have very few resources as far as I know. Itâ??s the best they can do, I guess.â??

      Residents say although itâ??s a nuisance, a look back in the past and wishful thinking for the near future keeps their heads high and their necks craned to see beyond the banks.

      â??Theyâ??re not as high as they have been before,â?? recalls Kimmer. â??Doesnâ??t bother me.â??

      â??Well, welcome to the U.P., I guess,â?? added Gervais. â??This is pretty average for us up here. Itâ??s getting kind of late in the year, kind of being a pain. Ready for it to be gone, I guess.â??

      Last year the Copper Country received a total of 132 inches of snow for the entire winter season. This winter, it has received over 156 inches not including the month of March.