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      Spring is in the (frozen) air

      Spring is in the air, well according to the calendar at least. March 20 is the vernal equinox, the official start of the spring season, but some are saying it doesn't feel at all like spring.

      Winter storm cancellations...seems like another winter day in the U.P., except that it's now spring. It certainly wasn't like this last year. Spring of 2012 started with record highs in the seventies and low eighties. The warmest day was March 21, 2012 with a high of 81. People flocked to the beaches, snow melted rapidly, and some ski hills, like Mont Ripley, closed. Things are very different for 2013.

      "Last year was just like it's more back to normal and kind of disappointing. I think a nice break like we had last year would be great," said Marlys Murray.

      There was little, if any, snow left on the ground. There's still plenty left for 2013. Erica Franich says she doesn't mind the white stuff so long as there are more blue skies.

      "Well, the snow doesn't ruin the lack of spring for me as much as the lack of sunshine. A little sunshine would make it feel a lot closer to spring," said Erica Franich.

      Katie Sholander can't wait for warmer temperatures so she can spend more time outdoors with her baby, Olivia.

      "There's not a lot for us to do outside, so I'm definitely looking forward to the summer," said Sholander.

      Still others say that the winter is just part of the U.P. experience.

      "I'm ready for summer and spring, but we'll deal with this as long as we need to," said Jen Riley.

      With April less than two weeks away, warmer temperatures aren't too far off, but we won't likely see record-breaking warmth in the near future.