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      18 / -15

      Spring-like temperatures in the distance

      There's a warm-up in sight. The next few days should be relatively seasonable for this time of year, but next weekend we could be flirting with forties. On a note of interest, according to the NWS, we have recorded an official 178.3" of snowfall this season as of March 22. The average amount for this time of year is 179.2", so we're right on track as opposed to how we started the season. The extended forecast, however, is on the dry side.

      For Saturday, highs should be right around the freezing mark. The biggest complication is cloud cover. Skies should be mostly cloudy, but depending on how much sunshine or clouds your area receives, it could make the difference for above or below freezing.

      There is a slight chance for a few lake effect flurries off of Lake Superior Saturday and Saturday night, but it is low and any accumulation will be minimal. Saturday night's lows will fall to the 10s to low 20s, coldest inland.

      The forecast all the way through Wednesday looks to be very similar each day. A high pressure center to our west dominates the forecast, so we'll experience a north wind that will maintain our cool temperatures. Sunday's, Monday's, Tuesday's, and Wednesday's highs are all likely to be in the low to mid 30s. Lows should be in the 10s to low 20s. Wednesday may see more sunshine as high pressure centers overhead, but the other days should be mostly cloudy with only a few breaks for sunlight.

      Each day has a small chance for a little lake effect snow, but snow accumulations should be light and there is no system-related snow in sight for us. There is, however, a large system that will be impacting the southern Midwest this weekend. Check out the Winter Storm Warnings .

      By Thursday through next weekend, as the high pressure system passes and winds pick up out of the south, we should start to see a warm-up as temperaturs may rise to the 40s.

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