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      Spring may shear pipes

      With the weather warming up, residents may think the water line issues are coming to an end. This is not the case explain officials at the Escanaba Water Department.

      The city is expecting the let-run, effecting over 700 Escanaba residents, to continue until the speed and weight road restrictions are lifted. The city continues to do about two pipe thaws a day.

      But as we move into spring, frozen pipes are not the only concern.

      â??With the frost moving itâ??s going to create heaves and shoves and itâ??s going to shear pipes,â?? said Water and Waste Water Department Superintendent Jeff Lampi. â??Water mains, sanitary sewers and storm sewers. These are all things that could break when the frost starts moving and shearing pipes around.â??

      This is not just a local issue; residents across the U.P. could all be facing sheared pipes.