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      Spring storm slams Upper Michigan

      The big story in here in Upper Michigan is the return of winter with a major storm.

      There is some snow, but the wind is the real problem. In the Keweenaw, it has been near blizzard-like conditions all day.

      Drivers are experiencing some whiteout conditions, with strong winds blowing snow across roads.

      Many schools dismissed early Friday afternoon due to the upgrade to a blizzard warning. Houghton School Superintendent Doreen Klingbeil says early dismissals are especially hectic because school officials have to make sure every student has someone to go home with.

      She says making the call to dismiss is not always easy.

      "We take a look at the weather, and if the weather is poor and it's going to stay poor, then we'll stay in school, but if the weather forecast changes or if the weather conditions change and increasingly they're going to be worse, then we'll decide to dismiss," said Klingbeil.

      Currently the Houghton-Portage Township Schools have had eight school cancellations and two early dismissals this school year. Klingbeil says they may have to make up one day at the end of the school year.