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      Spring travel tips

      It may not seem like spring is coming, but it'll be here eventually, and for many people, that means boarding an airplane for spring break vacation.

      Delta County Airport Manager Connie Ness says close to 1,200 people will pass through the Delta County Airport in March and early April, but to achieve a safe and peaceful travel, there are a few things to remember.

      The biggest tip is to be at least an hour early when checking in. Of course, it doesn't hurt to give yourself extra time.

      You can also check your flight status at Delta's website , and don't forget the proper travel documentation.

      "We all need our picture ID for boarding an aircraft or getting through TSA security, but don't forget when you're traveling internationally, you might need additional documents," said Ness.

      The computer for checking in at the Delta County Airport does shut off 30 minutes before the flight. Officials say most complaints arise from passengers who arrive late.